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Discover a pristine territory

The most popular destinations are the Sanctuary of Oropa (its Sacred Mount is a UNESCO World Heritage Site); the Burcina, park-garden occupying an entire hill, and the Medieval “Ricetto di Candelo”. The Pre-Alps of Biella (the southern buttress of Mount Rosa) occupy almost half of the territories, the Cervo Valley features typical alpine features, and borders with Valle d'Aosta. The Zegna Panoramic Road crosses a long mountainous area, which leads to Bielmonte, an important ski and sports area that can be enjoyed during both the winter and the rest of the year. Countless hiking trails start from the Zegna Panoramic road.

Discover a pristine territory


Equipped paths "via ferrata"

vie ferrate
The Balma equipped path is 6 km away, and numerous other equipped paths are easily reachable


Gliding enthusiasts will find that this area is rich in tradition of this sport
taking off at 5 Km and landing at 2 km

Alpine or Nordic skiing, snowboard

Alpine or Nordic skiing
The Bielmonte paths are found 23 km from us, and are often used by the Italian national skiing team for training


Depending on the snow level, within minutes, on foot, you will find places suitable for those who love to dive in nature with the "snowshoes"

Adventure Park

Adventure Park
There are two famous adventure parks in the area of Biella. These parks are suitable for the entire family, and the closest one is located in the Sanctuary of Oropa, at 19 Km from the holiday farmhouse.

Gold diggers

Gold diggers
Gold digging in the torrent, a millennial tradition, is still carried out in the ancient Roman mines of Bessa, at 36 Km from the holiday farmhouse.


Kites and model airplanes

At Bielmonte, 9 Km from the holiday farmhouse, there is an airfield perfect for kites and model airplanes.

Tourist sites

“Oasi Zegna”

oasi zegna
The Holiday farm is found at the bottom of the “Oasi Zegna” that can be reached directly on foot or by Mountain Bike

Oropa Sanctuary

19 km from the Holiday farm, you can visit the most important and largest Marian Shrine of the entire Alpine arc

Burcina Park

At 14 km from the Holiday farm, you can walk in a wooded nature reserve of about 57 hectares, also famous for its flowering rhododendrons

“Ricetto di Candelo”

ricetto candelo
At 17 km from the Holiday farm, you can enter history when you visit a well-preserved medieval structure that is also used as a film set



The “most mysterious village of Italy” is located at 12 km from the Holiday farm. It is a town with a population of less than 100 people, but rich in esoteric and mysterious symbols

Viverone Lake

At 37 km from the Holiday farm, there is a beautiful lake of glacial origin, part of the Ivrea amphitheatre


Castle of Masino

The Renaissance residence of the Valperga Counts is located at 45 km from the Holiday farm. This castle is now run by the FAI (the National Trust of Italy)

Bard Fortress

The fortress that has become a cultural and artistic point of reference in northern Italy is located at 54 km from the Holiday farm

Orta Lake

At 66 km from the Holiday farm, there are landscapes that leave you speechless, a feature of one of the most romantic lakes in Italy

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